CEO Message 

W a n g B o  

C E O   M e s s a g e

We will do our best for the customers.

We promise to continue to provide highly satifying products and services.

CEO Message 

Thank you for visiting Wangbo Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of the hygiene industry, we always ensure to interact with our customers to provide the best experiences through continuous innovation and customer interaction.

We promise to provide products and services with high customer satisfaction through steady self-development and outstanding technical skills. We wish to become a leader in the hygiene industry that competes in the market with the highest quality and reasonable price.

For many years to come, we promise to do our best for customers. We will continuously make efforts to be a people-oriented, quality-oriented, and technology-oriented enterprise that provide

customer satisfactory products and services. We promise to continuously research and refine for improvements and developments. Our customer's guidance and continuous support will help us become an exceptional enterprise.

CEO  / Hyun Tae Kim