R & D

"A person who dreams can challenge, and the person who challenges can create all things."

We will grow into global leaders of the hygiene non-woven industry.

Core Value

Wangbo R&D Core Technology

To reduce harmful substances, Wangbo developed eco-friendly lamination technology. The top sheet and the absorption distribution layer were previously laminated by heating the thermoplastic, but we manufacture eco-friendly products through a non-adhesive lamination process through the ultrasonic wave technology. We are always striving to develop such safety-conscious products

We have our unique functional patterns that differentiate from other manufacturers. We provide functional non-woven by implementing our distinctive designs through ultrasonic waves along with eco-friendly lamination technology.

We have been continuously working to develop high-performance absorbents that fit the need of our customers. As a result, we succeeded in developing absorbent layers differentiated from others, and we can produce high volume, pure pulp sheets. We promise you higher performance and quality final products with more flexible and thick pulp and sap sheets.